More than just some corny rant…

It’s weeks like these that make me realize how truly precious life is, and how much so many of us take it for granted. college students for some reason think themselves to be invincible, but that’s not how it is. it takes something as bad as almost losing one of your closest friends to realize. i was blessed enough to not have that happen.

that scares the shit out of me, though. it shouldn’t have to come to that for people to realize. i wish everyone could just know that already.

someone i’m not close to actually DID lose their life today. that could have been anyone of my friends. i can see how much everyone who was close to him are suffering, and shiver thinking about how much life he had ahead of him, and how quickly it was taken away. that’s why, while we are here, we shouldn’t be treating our bodies like they are indestructable. be good to yourself. it’s worth it.

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